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  1. B

    JoeyCuties Onesies?

    What's up guys. I was online last night and found a sight JUST FOR ABDL onesies and it LOOKS awesome. HOWEVER! I was curious, as to whether or not any of the vast population of ADISC members had any reviews or advice on the adorable looking outfits.:confused: Thanks for all your help guys...
  2. I


    hi all, new here, kinda dont know what to do, tbh. ive been wearing diapers for a year or so now, just because i like the feeling of them, but i have to hide the fact that i do, as my folks don't know i do. when i get them delivered i pretend its something else, and then hide it immediately...
  3. macabre

    Question: Parent or Parents?

    So, my friend and I are in a debate about ABDLs and whether or not the idea of having parents (plural) would be welcomed. I know it depends on the person, really, and that every relationship is different. But here’s the question: If you had the option of having a Mommy and a Daddy, or two...