1. SuperTed

    Plastic pants for disposables

    Does anyone know of any plastic pants which are designed for use with disposables? So far I only know of these: http://www.fetware.com/pull-plastic-pants-for-disposables-p-14.html. These I have several pairs and they are really fantastic. They have a wonderfully snug but comfortable fit. I...
  2. Vexxus

    Finished The Fifteen Commandments of Storywriting

    The Fifteen Commandments of Storywriting By Vexxus, in coorporation with LeonSoryu117 An extension of the instructions by Moo 1. The chance of an outsider knowing about *B/DL or infantillism is less than 1%. 2A. Because of Rule #1, parents will not know where to buy adult-sized baby articles...
  3. crowza

    Cheap yet great quality Diapers

    Today I got a case of First Quality IB Plastic back diapers. I saw them on ebay for 55 bucks a case so I decided to buy them and give them a try. To my surprise they are decent diapers, not as bulky. But they do hold a lot. For 72 diapers thats a good deal.
  4. DaddysLittleDefect

    Back on the net ^_^

    After a super annoying week of being sick (still), my desktop's OS HD suffering a fatal hardware failure, a weekend of promised snow that was only rain, and oh whatever else was lousy. It always amaises me that my old 9-10 year old laptop I got used of ebay still works fine, but modern...