1. tiny

    Abena M4/L4 plastic-backed no longer available in UK?

    I just went to stock up on plastic-backed Abena M4s, and couldn't find a single shop that still has them. Even Save Express! Have these gone out of production (again)? Does anyone know where I can get some delivered to the UK?
  2. Angellothefox

    For anyone how would you make a make shift abdl pram or buggy

    I watched a adult woman in this buggy at looked like it was made from the structure of those pushable bags that some old people had. They had a basset part where the woman was sitting her legs hanging out along with arms. It fitted her body in but her head was raised her arms was out and so was...
  3. SuperTed

    Plastic pants for disposables

    Does anyone know of any plastic pants which are designed for use with disposables? So far I only know of these: http://www.fetware.com/pull-plastic-pants-for-disposables-p-14.html. These I have several pairs and they are really fantastic. They have a wonderfully snug but comfortable fit. I...