putting diapers on

  1. askmelater47

    Taping on Abri-Form diapers.

    So a month or so ago id seen this video ABENA - P and was slightly astounded at the way they tape the diaper, BTW this video is from abena. Anywho i said i would give it a try next time i diaper up, and so that time has finally arrived. Now my tapes arent exactly the way theirs are, but the...
  2. N

    That "Letting Go" Moment

    What goes through your head as you "let go" of yourself in a diaper? What do you think as you feel that warm rush of pee flow into your diaper while you wet yourself? What's on your mind as you push out a mess? How do you feel when you finally strap yourself (or are strapped into) a soft, comfy...
  3. mizzycub

    Problems with Diapers

    I recently got my first diapers in a long time. The brand was crap but over here it was all I could get. However, there were a number of problems I had. I wondered if anybody else has had these, or other, problems. 1) Using them - I wasn't surprised that it was difficult to go in them at first...