purchasing diapers

  1. captainpollution

    AB Universe going out of business?

    Okay, Say what you want about ABU and its shipping and other supposedly clandestine associations with it, but it ostensibly appears that the company is on its way out. For one thing, ABU has not offered any new promotions since March, diapers appear on the site but they are rarely stocked...
  2. Sitherus

    Purchasing diapers for discount from work

    I work at biglots and recently i noticed that they are selling attends. Now, i want these and i have a 30%discount on all in store items, but i don't want to just walk in there and buy them from the people who i work with the people who think they know me well. I would get shy. So i want to...
  3. SillySwampert


    I have put myself into a bit of a tight spot, and it all has to do with purchasing diapers online. So, here are the facts. THE MISSION: Purchase AB Cushies and have them shipped to me before the 20% sale goes THE PROBLEMS: I live outside of the US, I live with my father and I attend uni for...