1. Jeremiah

    Baby Fresh Puppies?

    Last time I went and bought puppy shampoo, I was bummed that the vanilla scent was unavailable. Ended up buying "Baby Fresh Scent" puppy shampoo instead. Now my little dogs smell like baby powder. Rather amusing to have little beasts smell so cute. Anyone else end up buying a "Baby Fresh"...
  2. fixedpuppy

    Arf! Padded puppy says hi

    Rarf, arf! Hi everybody! My name is Lydia. I'm a seeing eye human-pup livng in southern Idaho with my sight-impaired soulmate. I feel very secure in fabric diapers, flats and AIOs alike. I'm also transexual. To say the least I confuse people, lol.
  3. fixedpuppy

    Puppy Play

    Arf! Hi there everyone. I was wondering how many other pup-players, pups/Handlers/Alphas/etc, there are here.