1. Jonjon

    Crime & Punishment

    Littles, unfortunately, are not good all the time. At times, we don't listen, we talk back, we run off, and we even break things. How does your Big address such misbehaviour?
  2. T

    New Chastity Device

    A New device one of the metal cage variety has finally arrived. Ive been getting warmed up with 24/7 diapering. With slower cage acclimation. Due to recently being found undiapered and uncaged :sweatdrop:while not being allowed to post my reason for doing it.:sad: I'm forced to ask how long Its...
  3. feetintrouble

    Punishment for the sake of it

    If you're a little, or someone who takes care of littles, does "punishment" such as spanking, restraint, deprivation happen frequently, and is it always in response to deliberate naughtiness or disobedience? Do some littles really like being "good", and punishment is always humiliating if it...
  4. ABAlex2

    The Apology

    The game was fast and fierce. The players quickly covered the map, looking for animated weapons and built in cover. At the same time, they were shooting constantly, trying to hit anyone on the opposing team. However, what was even more furious was the chatter. The players shouted insults and...
  5. W

    Diaper Punishment

    Give me a diaper punishment you can say what i'd have to do to earn a punishment
  6. D


    I am daddy seek adult baby
  7. ABAlex2


    Rosie stood nervously in front of a strange door in a strange hallway. There was nothing outwardly strange about them. It could have been any other apartment door in any other hallway, but the reason she was here was certainly strange. She had taken it up on a whim. A single offer, coming to...
  8. ABAlex2

    The Babysitter

    Alex held his little girl close, comforting her.He stroked her long red hair and kissed her forehead. “But I don’t want you to go Daddy!” Kacey moaned, crying against his chest. She was sitting on his lap, her thick diaper and pink onesie pressed against his leg. Her pacifier and teddy bear...
  9. B


    Just a little backstory on me, I just created my account. I'm Daniel, from MN And I'm 19. Loved wearing diapers and the feeling of being controlled my someone older, preferably a mommy. When I was in 7th grade, my love for diapers began when my parents decided to put me on "diaper punishment"...
  10. P

    Inflatable Latex Diaper for sale!

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/161444937262?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Figured I would share.
  11. MilesTheFox88

    Any particular cream for prolonged messy wearing?

    Hello. I don't post here often. I have a friend visiting from out-of-state in a few months, and he's a very submissive person who's interested in ageplay. We began discussing the various ways we could play. He got the most excited (almost jumped through the screen I think) when I told him...
  12. ABAlex2

    Loser's Fate, Chapter 1

    The game advanced along steadily. Each player move their pieces with extreme caution and precise judgment. There could be no mistakes, no play backs. It was this weeks bet, after all. "Well I think SOMEONES underestimated their opponent" Sarah smiled as she moved a knight forward. She was a...
  13. PrincessEmmy

    The Baby Curse

    The Baby Curse Chapter One The day so far was what some described as a perfect summer day; no clouds in the sky, a cool temperature, a slight breeze, sun shining. There was sounds of kids playing in the street filling the neighborhood except at one house where the cheerful sounds were drowned...
  14. B

    Tips for a newbie?

    So my girlfriend and I have been playing more with diapers and dressup, and we love every second of it. I would love for her to start taking a more dominant role and making me eat baby food, punishing me (spankings or whatnot), etc. but we haven't found anything that helps her get in that...
  15. diaperedwolfcub

    Hi! Glad to find this.

    Hi everyone! Of course I am new here, just joined today this being my first post. :D But these seems to be a great community site, and seems to be very active! Let me introduce myself right quick... I am from Nevada and am 22 years of age. I am going to college to do a dual major and am...
  16. betagame

    Diaper Punishment in real adult life???

    i got a new thread idea... how would it work instead of going to prison have diaper punishment there would be plastic pants with a lock and camera on it, and it would unlock when you need to change...and you would have no choice and wear 2/47 until a specific date...you can still do your normal...