1. Spitfire153

    Wanna Buy some red cars pullups :)

    Anyone got a decent size pack of these bad boys hanging around in 4t-5t ? That wants to sell them :)
  2. flash890

    Types of Store Brand Goodnites

    I can't seem to find a comprehensive source for what various store brand alternatives to Goodnites are like. I'm wondering if any of y'all have experience with the various store brands and how they compare to actual Goodnites. This year I've personally tried Rite Aid's Overnights Youth Pants...
  3. drynitesxl

    Gday from Sydney

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Like many here, it all started with bedwetting as a child which was very frequent… basically every night until 20 and now less frequent (1-2 per week) From age 4-9 my parents thought it best for me to have a plastic cover on the bed and sleep on top of a...
  4. DownLowADISC


    Greetings: hello, I am a 59-year-old male living in the Midwestern US. Personally, I enjoy wearing diapers for the feel of it. I just enjoy that feeling. OnTheDownLow
  5. Doctorimstr03k

    We have to settle the debate.

    I want everyone’s HONEST opinion on the matter
  6. Spitfire153

    US Pullups 5t-6t are almost as big as the UK 8-15 Drynights

    To my absolute shock the US pullups are heckin fantastic . I fit straight into them . To all the UK people gluing the sides to extend the UK pullups or settling for drynights sod that bite the bullet in shipping costs and order some 5t-6t pullups from the US these things are massive and...
  7. Spitfire153

    Are US Huggies Pullups larger than EU

    Hey folks , Just wondering , i see people fitting into 4t-5t US pullups all the time but the UK ones even the old design appear significantly smaller . Has anyone compared to see if they are ? I absolutely adore pullups and im thinking about shipping some US ones .
  8. Friggles

    The Big Little Drynites Change...

    I know it seems like such a miniscule detail to an outsider but I really really loved the look, fit and feel of the older Drynites(right). They'd come in a pack of 9, they were thick enough to feel safe in, and they just had a really nice feel, inside and out. But Huggies had to go and change...
  9. smoli

    Pullup style diaper cover?

    I‘m not super sure how common diaper covers are for pullups specifically? I wouldn’t want it to be big and baggy, just something that would slide over the more compact diaper. Being at the mercy of the available styles at the time seems like it’d be really frustrating, so I’m trying to think...
  10. Pokogirl

    Remembering to use the toilet before bed

    I'm a bedwetter and I always forget to use the toilet before bed. I've seen that going to toilet before bed greatly reduces the amount I wet at night. What are some ways you remember to go pee before going to bed? I've been using pullups at night. And sometimes they leak if I fail to change...
  11. L

    What diapers / pull ups should I try in the US

    Hey there I’m currently in the US for some time and I‘m wondering what diapers / pull ups there are to try. I am a huge fan of Goodnites and I did fit quite well in the L/XL ones, tried the new size L ones and they fit as well and I can wear them for the night without ripping, though they are...
  12. MaleoMist

    Is there one pullup out there that doesn't suck?

    Title says it all. I've tried drynites/goodnites which are great with a booster and if the sides don't tear on me, but they do a lot of the time. I've tried the Tena lady pants which are sad looking and leaked on me many times. I'm making my way through all pullups on SaveExpress, but if anyone...
  13. W

    My take on Always discreet pull ups (underwear, pull ons)

    I've recently bought the Always discreet pull ups, and I've got to say they're impressive. This will be my take on these diapers. I recently typed out this post, but accidentally deleted everyhing so I'm going to make it a bit shorter than before. Ask me if you want me to elaborate on anything...
  14. Pokogirl

    Back to Diapers Again & In Need of Urgent Suggestion

    So.... I'm finally back to diapers after a long break. I'm currently wearing a leftover xxl size pink mamy poko pants pullup. Haven't wet it yet. Seems like my bladder has become a little shy after so many months of not peeing in a diaper. The reason I took the break was to save money for...
  15. Pokogirl

    Experimenting With Pullups

    So, Today I'm going to test out the full potential of one of favorite mamy poko pants diaper. I have stuffed my underwear with lots of tissue paper and a handkerchief. I wore the xxl size pullups on top of it. Wore A soft plastic sheet cut out in the shape of a diaper over the pullups. And...
  16. ram15l

    Question about Underjams and Jet.com

    The underjams question has to do with did they fix the issue of the sides where they connect to the front would tear after a couple of hours ?? I noticed they updated them that's why i ask The Jet.com question is has anyone used them if so do your items come in plain boxes or how does it work...
  17. M

    ABU Preschool

    So Casey, when are you going to let us 'insiders' get some sneak peeks at the new preschool diapers/pullups? Also, I wouldn't mind some sort of update on the pacifiers and onesies that were spoken of during the presentation at the start of the summer. :)
  18. tobdy1986

    Upsized Pullups!

    I'm sorry if this is a repost, but I was browsing Etsy today and found a seller who is offering up-sized (altered) pullups, goodnites, etc. The price seems a little high but I'm interested to see if anyone has tried them? For Girls...
  19. pullupjoys

    Pull-up Question...but different

    And yes it is different than the current thread that is happening. Tis the reason why I have started another on.....:thumbsup: While it is only recently that I have totally come out about my diaper and wetting passion, which now includes wearing a pullup everyday, I have run into a very...