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  1. C

    S. Korean Goodnites Import

    I found a S. Korean exporter willing to sell the Korean goodnites with velcro sides to the US!!:smile: I've read that these are just like the slip-on diapers, and run bigger than the US goodnites. The adjustable velcro and prints are noteworthy. The problem is that shipping is costly, and I...
  2. MickeyM

    Intro and Long Backstory

    I'm new here, not sure what to expect from this forum as I have never came across it before in the many years I've been online. Any ways I'm also not sure what to expect for any sort of reply to this (if any replies at all) but for what its worth, it might help some one get a different view...
  3. T


    Gday from Australia, 4skinsonly here, apart from being 32-33yo this year, i have enjoyed the adult diaper, or pull ups, goodnites ever since i could wear them. i enjoy friends family, friends with benefits & love spendin time with my cats. love reading writing & movies. an hope to meet some new...
  4. daddyslilprincess

    problem with wearing pull ups and being very active

    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone else has a the same probem with your pull up/diaper when u either wear them at home or out in public. I wear goodnites l/xl out in public usually and a lot when I'm at home. But the problem I'm having with them is they always ride up when I'm walking a lot...
  5. GNBoy

    GoodNites Designs?

    So last night I ordered 2 old packages of GoodNites. Now, the last time I bought GoodNites, they were the Drag racing ones, in XL size. I was on eBay and came across these and nearly screamed!, but when did they put these designs on the XL! I only saw these in the store on the medium pants?
  6. T

    Best pullup for my size

    I am looking for the best pull up for my size. I have a 32 inch waist and I dont want anything with Frills on the side. I wuld preferably would like something that looks like Goodnites but in adult size. Any suggestions?