pull ons

  1. DLinSecret

    What are the best Pull Ups for Urine IC?

    I’ve been wearing Northshore Go Supreme pull-ups which under jeans are fine. But under shorts or more flimsy material it’s a little obvious in the butt area. Im looking for suggestions of a pull-up which has the capacity of Northshore Go Supreme without the added padding in the butt area. Not...
  2. W

    My take on Always discreet pull ups (underwear, pull ons)

    I've recently bought the Always discreet pull ups, and I've got to say they're impressive. This will be my take on these diapers. I recently typed out this post, but accidentally deleted everyhing so I'm going to make it a bit shorter than before. Ask me if you want me to elaborate on anything...
  3. C

    S. Korean Goodnites Import

    I found a S. Korean exporter willing to sell the Korean goodnites with velcro sides to the US!!:smile: I've read that these are just like the slip-on diapers, and run bigger than the US goodnites. The adjustable velcro and prints are noteworthy. The problem is that shipping is costly, and I...
  4. Llayden

    NorthShore FlexSupreme Underwear sample and review

    Hello everyone. NorthShore was kind enough to let me sample their upcoming Underwear and I thought it might interest a few folks here if I shared my thoughts and experience with them. Unfortunately I tend to ramble, so I apologize in advance! First off, before we get down to business, I just...
  5. twtw

    Is there such thing as a good pull on?

    For those of you who don't know, Goodnites Boxers where discontinued. I know a lot of people hated them but I loved them because they held a lot and provided the advantages of a pull on. So I stocked up on them but it feels wrong to use them. So I'm looking for something to replace them. I...