1. E

    ideas of adventure! ideas to wear your diaper in public and getting caught! the butterflies

    do you guys have any great ideas to wear your diaper to in public?
  2. yourhuggies

    My take on the DL flag, etc.

    There are a bunch of old posts (all closed BTW) about a 'flag' to represent us. I think some kind of real world identifier would be beneficial to everyone in the diaper community. For those that disagree, simply don't use it. But I for one would be highly interested in just how many people out...
  3. betagame

    more people!!!| on adisc.

    I have been noticing more and MOAR posts done by newbies lately with little posts and some 0 threads. is this bad?? Yes, because were getting more public and open, and that means there will need more money to run the place, if not a new admim.