1. O

    Anyone into public diaper exposure/messing/embarrasment? I share my thoughts and ask for yours.

    Just wondering if any of you fine guys/girls enjoy the feeling of public exposure or wearing of Diapers? If so then do you ever purposely expose your diaper to another person (or perhaps soil it in public) eg. bend over to pick something up and the diaper is momentarily exposed or maybe asking...
  2. Jossilyn

    Being Publicly Found Out

    Sorry but I couldn't think of a good title to describe what I mean so I apologize for the vagueness in the title. >-< Anyway I was wondering what someone would do if you got asked "Are you a(n) *bdl?" like at school, work and anywhere in public. The reason I bring this up is 1. I have a...
  3. bbabysitter26

    Diapers and the Cinema

    So I previously posted about activities in diapers and I noticed a few people who liked to go to the movies in diapers. (You can see that post Here ) I thought that this was a great idea as I'm almost always painfully holding my bladder so that I won't miss a beat. It's pretty public wearing...
  4. WizardDetective

    My first Diaper Adventures!

    I bought my first diapers(a few months ago), and on my third pack. I want to summerize some of the diaper adventures I had. First day with a diaper, put one od shirst n and went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Baggy pants and shirt as always. Also, whent to Wal-mart and just walked around untill...
  5. B

    Anime-con this weekend NDK

    This weekend is the second largest convention for nerds in Denver whos going also Im going diapered so anybody with suggestions should post them!
  6. whisko

    Shirt-Pins: A conspicuous (but vague) show of your AB/DL alliance

    From time to time, someone in the global AB/DL community decides to promote some kind of wearable symbol of alliance and kinship. So with this thread I throw my hat into the ring as well. :-) Why, do you ask, would one want to wear neon shorts with flashing LEDs across the butt that spell out...
  7. NicholasWads

    Best Time In Diapers Out In Public

    My Best time out in public would have my first time ever After arguing with myself for 3 weeks about it i decided to try wearing in public but after much debate with myself i chickened out, lucky im a thinker and decided to trick/force myself into doing it, the next day was Big Day Out and i...
  8. T

    will they fit?

    I'm thinking of buying size L/XL goodnites. This will be my first time buying by the way. i have a 31in waist. So do any of you think they will fit me?
  9. abdl690

    Boxer/briefs or compression/bicycle shorts?

    Which would you suggest. I'm looking to contain the noise a bit more while wearing in public, as well as keep them from sagging. Thanks for your suggestions!
  10. kalynnharvey

    Diapers in Public

    I want to wear diapers in public. Im not worried about anybody noticing. How many should I wear at once to produce a small bulk?
  11. Littleabgirl

    Embarassing Moments

    Well, we've all had them! So what is your most embarassing AB/DL/TB related moment? Was it your fault or at the hands of someone else? To clarify the last point, a little story :) (because we all love story time! ^.^ bottles and blankies at the ready!) The other weekend I went to visit my...
  12. EmoCowMoo

    Buying diapers at your local store

    I HATE going to the store to buy diapers, I like getting them online so I don't have to be seen by anyone, but since I stay @ my house during the summer, I'm always afraid of my mom or sis finding out about them, especially since my mom's a cop and questions everything. Anyway, I went to the...
  13. leicesterfan

    Diapers in Public Toilets

    I'm sure I've seen this thread before but I can't find it anywhere. I have been across to ASDA today and whilst I was there, I needed to pee. So I went to the toilets but as I walked towards the gents, I saw the baby-changing toilet and I couldn't resist going in. When I was in there, I saw...
  14. leicesterfan

    Going for the big step forward

    I need to go to town on the bus tomorrow to collect my train ticket and I am considering wearing an adult diaper. I am really looking forward to it and will possibly decide to wet in public. I have worn diapers in public before but they were only drynites, this time I want to go all out. I have...
  15. paciboy

    How long to get diaper rash/Wetting in Public

    Hey all, i didnt wanna make too many threads so i combined my two questions. I just recently started to get diapers for my college dorm and other AB items. Since i have my own room i can really indulge :D Anyway, ive never had diaper rash, and as crazy as it sounds, i wanna know wat its like...
  16. leicesterfan

    Wearing in Public: Your Experiences

    Hi guys, I've just been trawling through old threads and came across a closed one that talked about people's experiences of wearing diapers in public. As it was closed, I couldn't post my experiences and many more of you would be unable to so I thought I'd start up a new thread. Feel free to...
  17. betagame

    Wearing Diapers in Public

    If you have worn diapers in Public and had a good experience or even a bad experience, then post your experience here.
  18. glassyeyedbb

    Anyone else find that...?

    Anyone else find that when you wear diapers outside of RP or in public your mood changes? I know that i'm usually an unconcentrated, loud mouthed and hyper and social person normally. But with a diaper on i am more quiet, antisocial and even focused, though not on purpose. I feel almost as if...
  19. betagame

    Wearing diapers in public

    I want to know If anyone has wore diapers in public. If you did, I would like to read your experiences, what brands you wore, and if anything went wrong.
  20. betagame

    what are the top 15 BEST places for not being noticed when wearing diapers in public

    i decided to make a GOOD thread i want to know what are the top 15 best places for wearing diapers in public without being noticed(smell, crinkle, noticed). sorry for my bad intro:wallbash::wallbash: