1. Cthulhu

    Leaving an exposed diaper in a public restroom trash can?

    I've changed in public restrooms several times, mostly for the thrill. Even though it turns me on a bit if someone goes in the restroom after me and most likely will see the diaper in the trashcan, i kind of feel a bit bad about it sometimes since they probably really dont want to see it...
  2. joehiddenabdl

    Looking for work diapers

    Looking for a diaper to wear to work, but it has to fit a specific cirteria 1. It has to be purchasable in the uk,In stores not online needs to be pretty discreet so thin and not crinkly 3. Capacity is not a concern, I'll be wearing these while working with food so I'd only wet/mess on a...
  3. LordFluffybuttz

    Public changing table

    Have you ever wanted to try to use a baby changing table but were too afraid it would break? Have you tried it anyway? How did it go?
  4. LordFluffybuttz

    Wearing Diapers in the car

    So I'm going to Maine in a few weeks and it's a long ride. I don't have any plans on wetting but if I had to I could, then again I'd be to scared they'd smell it. I kinda want to wear a diaper on the way up and at night. I'm nervous because I'll be with my family and they don't know I like...
  5. W

    Pull-Up Questions

    I would love to wear in public, but I'm paranoid someone will notice. My first pull up was a Tena. I then bought Always Discreet, and then Abena Abriflex. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but I thought they were all noticeable under my clothes. In a way, the Tenas and the Always seemed less notable...
  6. Premetheus


    I think I am finally going to overcome my fear of buying diapers in public. No idea when, how, why, or who it will be with but I'm going to do it. I've decided that if I truly want to accept who I am, I need to do this. Everyone has given great tips on good brands, online and offline, so that...
  7. T

    Is it OK to wear diapers under swimming trunks in public?

    I'm about to un-train myself (urine), and I'm gathering some information. In case someone is IC, he has to wear diapers basically 24/7, right? Now that means that later on, in summer time when I go out to beach, it also applies there when I am not in water. Probably there will be other people...
  8. Dagon

    An interesting experience

    Hi all! So I just had an experience interesting enough to write about.. Lately I've had the opportunity to stay diapered most of the time, so it has been an experimental period for me the past couple months. I've become more adventurous in wearing out in public as I run errands etc. (Only clean...
  9. C

    Fun and Safe Diapered Activities

    Hey everyone! So often, I see overeager young ABDLs searching for fun things to do in diapers. The only problem with this is that so many of the ideas they have or are given cross the line between harmless fun and harmful fun (messing at home vs messing in a train car, natural messing vs...
  10. bebe1974

    Diapered in slightly transparent pant!

    Hi everyone!!! Here's a little something i have tried lately. I love to wear diaper in public and most of all i love when they are not too hidden. Here's what i've done. I went to walmart to buy white pants, the kind that are lightweight and a little bit transparent. I just make sure that...
  11. AmberBulb95

    Caught in public?

    Has anyone been caught doing anything babyish in public? I have this ritual where I walk my dog with my dummy on a chain clipped to my hoodie. Either sucking my dummy or hiding it under my hoodie. Today I had to grab my dog by the collar so she didn't bolt after a family with another dog, and...
  12. AmberBulb95

    Plugged in Public

    Today I relived an awesome experience I had years ago! I finally worked up the courage to make the trip home from school with my dummy. I put it in my school bag this morning, kept it in my locker until the fifth period (I get the sixth period off on Mondays) and took advantage of the...
  13. G

    Wearing diapers to the movies?/How to hide the bulk?

    Hi all, So when I go to the movies by myself or with my girlfriend, I always wear diapers so I don't have to leave during the movies. the thing is I always wear my belissimo's with a stuffer and usually some plastic pants to significantly reduce the chances of leaking. I wanted to know if you...
  14. G

    Wore in public for the first time today (Unplanned too!)

    Okay so I got off work, decided to throw one of my Abenas on. I took a nap, woke up hungry. Decided I should go grab some food, so I threw on some sweatpants and left. I went to taco bell, through the drive thru and got my food. Well I realized when I got my food it was the wrong order and the...
  15. PrincessGigi

    First time in public/at work

    I finally wore a diaper in public today at work. It was a L-XL Goodnite. I didn't use it at work, but it did later when I went grocery shopping. I only wet, I didn't mess. I don't think anyone noticed. Even if they did, what right do they have to stop me?
  16. S

    Bicycle + diaper + just a little dash of rain..

    I only dress up occasionally just for fun, and I'd never dare go out in public, not even for a drive at night.. but then I had an idea. I am planning for a warm-but-showery day during the Summer so I can wear one of these. A poncho style rain cape: I can go out in nothing but a sissy...
  17. Hyperlitegreen

    M4 Abena Xplus under straight fit jeans or loose fit jeans????

    Hey guys! Is wearing loose fit jeans over Xplus Abena diapers a better choice than straight fit jeans in terms of comfort? It seems if the seat area of the loose fit jeans are larger, then people might see you have a bigger bulge or hiding something in your pants. Or, if I use the...
  18. leicesterfan

    First time in public for a while

    Hi guys, I wore my tena pants out in public for the first time in aaages the other day and i thought I'd share the experience. So it was Friday night and as a bit of relaxation, I thought I'd try out one of the Tena Plus Pants I bought the other day. I didn't need to pee too bad so I peed all...
  19. G

    Wearing nappies/diapers at university

    Hello again! I'm writing to the community to ask some advice on wearing nappies/diapers at university I leave for my chosen uni in September and wondered if there any people in the community with experience with wearing whilst in Halls? Was it too risky? Did you have enough personal space...
  20. P

    Brisbane- first time going 'public' with my kink

    Brisbane Qld. Hi. This is the first time I have told anyone if my 'fetish.' I thought I was alone during my teenage years until discovering the wonders if the Internet. I am not into the adult baby thing but do not mind if you are. [Removed]