1. chillipepperman

    First time changing in public

    Greetings all, I had my first experience changing my diaper today at the airport. it was quite intimidating. I was afraid others would hear me doing up the tapes, but then I realized no one cares and that I can just wait to leave the stall when it's quiet. I'm curious to hear others...
  2. lockedindiapers

    Diapers found in public

    Whenever I am using a public toilet to change, I always find myself looking in the trash for discarded diapers or other things. Im not digging through gross trash, just looking at the visible parts or if the trash can has a clear liner, sometimes ill pull it out to look at the bottom. I normally...
  3. ajp22

    Do people really don't care that much?

    I recently stumbled upon this video, it's pretty old so some of you might have seen it already I personally think the video is really cute but what confused me the most is that people really didn't seem to care that much. I would have thought that at least a few people would be insulting them or...
  4. Crinkleboy

    I may be too big to lay on the changing table but it can still help me in other ways 👌😊

    Probably the best public restroom change ever. It was a single person bathroom and rather than have to keep bending over to get my things out of my diaper bag I got to start off by putting everything I needed on the changing table. I than proceeded to change with my back against the wall next to it.
  5. jeje

    How to make the most of my diapers?

    Hello all, I recently bought my first two adult diapers (tykabels overnight) I bought a sample pack. Now I really wanna get the most out of them but I’m kinda clueless what I should do. I obviously could do things where I live but I’m planning to go to a park at night for more thrill and...
  6. padded1989

    Shy moments?

    With summer over and fall underway have you had any noteworthy shy moments lately with your wearing? I had one yesterday at a brewery I was fully diapered up and when I went to the bathroom to change I noticed it was hanging out from my jeans a lot and I can only imagine how many people in the...
  7. S


    Hai i am looking for some dares to do give me some ideasss may be public atleast not too extreme
  8. Anonymous96

    First time wearing in public…

    So, today was the first time I’ve ever left my house while padded. I wore a pair of jeans, a baggy hoodie and a long coat (so nobody could tell I was wearing a diaper). I walked to my local field, smoked a joint, then semi-waddled back. I didn’t wet when I was out or anything. It was comfortable...
  9. havelockellis

    Hi! Am I unusual?

    Hi, I go by Havelock (taken from the psychologist Havelock Ellis). I travel quite a bit, mostly US/UK/EU with a bit of Asia. I also grew up splitting time between the US and EU. I’m a scientific mind with a bit of time spent on psychology and anthropology. I like understanding history, people...
  10. cherryfoxie

    How do you feel about useing diapers in public?

    ive seen alot of mixed feelings. some people say its gross , some say its fine. leave your answers :3 🍼
  11. inconsurferdude

    Most incontinence embarrassed you've ever been?

    The reply I started writing to this thread isn't really a diaper failure, so I thought I'd start a new once since incontinence can be embarrassing even when our diapers work. The only catastrophic incident since I've been in diapers was really just completely embarrassing, even though the...
  12. LittleRascal

    Take scissors!

    I don’t see this talked about enough it seems obvious but not unless you know. When changing in public take scissors! You can cut the tapes and save a lot of unnecessary attention as it makes no sound people will just think you’re doing your business. I’ll open this thread up to ask how have...
  13. Karoshen

    Embarrassing moments or Mabey not so embarrassing?

    I was just wondering what everyone's most embarrassing public diaper moment was or most exciting. Thanks!
  14. U


    So currently enjoying some time on a 4 day break here in liverpool in the uk with my partner and i was worried and anxious about wearing in public, and so far so good. I have worm and been wet in, museums, shops, small gift shops and in the open air and as far as I know theres been no comments...
  15. Jammy

    Want to wear diapers at work with out being notticed ?

    i wanted to know how i can wear diapers at my work/public with out geting caught ? whats the best quite diaper i can wear ? or cloth combo
  16. PaddedShooterBooty27

    What acts do you consider as Inconsiderate to others in public whilst practicing ABDL?

    This is a tough one to judge... But ive been thinking about it. It would vary between people but i would like to see what folks opinions are. To me wearing under normal clothing and paying attention to odours and not messing if you arent F-IC would be considered okay to me. This would include...
  17. SmolPupprrito

    Those with "peens"

    So a while ago a saw a thread regarding those with "peens" and best positioning to aim while wearing a nappy However My question is for those, like myself who are "uncut" I always find myself having to adjust before wetting for hygiene reasons, at home this isnt a problem, but isnt ideal...
  18. D

    Wetting while going through a drive thru

    For the longest time I had fantasized about wetting in front of someone without them knowing. I haven't tried much since I'm still a little nervous about the concept. When I do attempt it I tend to freeze up and try and push too hard and nothing ever comes out. This time, however, was different...
  19. David00

    What to bring outside ?

    I’m gonna be heading out to the zoo on Saturday for the entire day and besides diapers and wipes, what else should I bring. It’s also my first time going outside with diaper on so any tips ?
  20. C

    out in public

    Does anyone have any ideas about things I can do while out in public with my little to make her feel more little? Things that aren't super obvious but in someway display she's being a little more like a little? Obviously I'm not going to like change her while we're just sitting out in the park...