1. C

    out in public

    Does anyone have any ideas about things I can do while out in public with my little to make her feel more little? Things that aren't super obvious but in someway display she's being a little more like a little? Obviously I'm not going to like change her while we're just sitting out in the park...
  2. EdwardTheDL1998

    Have you ever been caught in public?

    Hello there, everyone. So, I was just wondering, if any of you ever have been caught in public? Like, if your diaper peeks out or something. If so: What did you do about it? What did you say? What did others say? (The one who saw you.) And how did you feel? Personally, I don't think I've been...
  3. R

    Hi, new and nervous

    Hi guys, I'm new to all this and quite nervous. Could some of you give me some advice on getting started? I really want to be in diapers all the time but I have some worries: Im really worried about my diaper being obvious under my clothes, how can i avoid that? Im worried about my diaper...
  4. Pika123

    I pooped my pants in public today

    So today I wanted to try something. I was at the mall and needed to go number 2 and I thought, well I have got a diaper on, might as well use it. But then I thought of doing something else. I rushed to my car, grabbed my diaper bag and unload my shopping. I went back into the mall, went to the...
  5. R

    I made a smart decision... :P

    The 5th of June this year, I went to an Iron Maiden concert with some friends. (In Royal Arena in Copenhagen.) I was wearing nothing new under the sun. But it was risky, I knew... We went to Fields (A nearby mall) before going to the concert. Before we went to the concert, my intellect hit me-...
  6. E

    Diaper using in public etiquette!

    I'm just interested in hearing if I'm over stepping the general limits of using a diaper in public. I want to know were you all draw the line. Everyone is going to be different? And we even have different reasons of wearing diapers. Sometimes it's incontinent. And for some people it's...
  7. Angellothefox

    United Kingdom is it illegle to change or get changed in a public toilet?

    I do not usually go here on Weekdays, and I know that I should have put this in the mature sectore where politics, soicial justic get's talked about but I am putting it here. So I want to know is it against the law in the UK to change another adult nappy or be changed by a adult in a public...
  8. L

    I got caught in public

    Hi everyone, long time lurker here and finally decided to join because I feel like I should share what happened to me last weekend. So I've recently been wearing in public more often recently and realized that I could use some larger pants to hide the bulge. Now I don't expose my diaper...
  9. inconsurferdude

    Getting over public changing embarrassment

    I've been wearing diapers during the day for almost a year (and was in pullups before that) but I still feel embarrassed anytime I change in public restrooms. At first I tried to always wait until the bathroom was empty, but of course that's not always practical. It's really easy to say you'll...
  10. I

    Incontinent Soon to be Camp Counselor looking for advice

    Hey everybody! So I'm going to be a camp counselor soon and I was wondering if any of you all have been a camp counselor while incontinent. I'm a bit nervous because I'm going to have to manage changes during the camp, there will be swimming and at the end of each session the camp goes out of...
  11. MichiganDL89

    Buying diapers in public

    Why does it seem like they're so expensive?
  12. D

    How to enjoy and get the most out of wearing diapers? Tips and tricks?

    Hello guys! I recently got daring enough to buy a pack of REALLY soft and comfy diapers that fits me so damn well. I love it, it's thick and comfortable. For the first time in many years, I rushed to the handicapped toilet in a shopping mall for the privacy, and wore the diaper. Damn does it...
  13. OKDB

    Lifestyle Changes. New School, New Job, Ect.

    So I try to be a bit private about my identity simply because I own a monetized blog that is my main source of income. My other source of income was working for CVS until I was fired on December 9th. I am not nessecarily afraid of any of my fan base finding out about my fetish, in factI would...
  14. U

    public litter bin

    hi all I apologize this must have been asked a thousand times but in the uk is it within the law to dispose of a used nappy in a public litter bin wrapped in a plastic bag I haven't done this yet its just a disposal idea and wanted to check first thank you .
  15. Psynapse

    Wearing 24/7, a Guide by Psynapse

    Adisc: I have been writing this for about 3 months. Today I believe it is finished. I'm sorry if it is too long, I wasn't sure where to post it, I thought the Diaper talk section was most fitting but if it has to get deleted I understand. TL;DR - Wear Diapers 24/7, Don't Mess In Public...
  16. D

    Public places where its ok to be openly padded

    This is kind of a personal fantasy of mine, but ive always wanted to do an exhibition thing and blatantly wear a diaper in public. I dont want to walk around flashing myself or anything as obnoxious or sinister as that, but something like a burning man scenario where so much other weird stuff...
  17. BayB8

    Diapered in public for the first time

    Today is the first time I ever wore a diaper in public. Sitting in Costco right now as I wait for my winter tires to get put on. I decided today was the day I would wear out of the house! :D I don't care what people think, if they can tell or not... I'm happy!
  18. ABAlex2

    Punishment Time

    Footsteps marched down the long, white hallway. The turned a corner, and disappeared. Now was his chance. With the silent agility of a cat, Brendan crept out of a roof vent, lowered himself down, and ran down the now empty hallway. He ran along the walls, staying out of view of the ceiling...
  19. B

    Who wears their Little/AB clothes in public?

    In reading the posts, it seems like some members have an extensive wardrobe of clothes for their smaller selves. I'm wondering how many members wear those clothes in public, where it can be seen (and not necessarily recognized as AB/DL clothing). Myself, I've worn jonjons and longalls to...
  20. Cthulhu

    Leaving an exposed diaper in a public restroom trash can?

    I've changed in public restrooms several times, mostly for the thrill. Even though it turns me on a bit if someone goes in the restroom after me and most likely will see the diaper in the trashcan, i kind of feel a bit bad about it sometimes since they probably really dont want to see it...