public wearing

  1. R

    Finally able to buy AB things

    After finishing my first semester in college my mom finally let me take the car to my college campus and she gave the title to me, because of this I've finally starting buying more than just a few depends now and then. :smile: So far i bought some depends which I've been using 24/7 since...
  2. Littleabgirl

    Embarassing Moments

    Well, we've all had them! So what is your most embarassing AB/DL/TB related moment? Was it your fault or at the hands of someone else? To clarify the last point, a little story :) (because we all love story time! ^.^ bottles and blankies at the ready!) The other weekend I went to visit my...
  3. yourhuggies

    My take on the DL flag, etc.

    There are a bunch of old posts (all closed BTW) about a 'flag' to represent us. I think some kind of real world identifier would be beneficial to everyone in the diaper community. For those that disagree, simply don't use it. But I for one would be highly interested in just how many people out...
  4. Darkfinn

    Diapered In Public, Wearers VS Abstainers.

    The purpose of this thread is to provide information and support to our members who are interested in wearing diapers in a public situation. Over the years I've seen a lot of discussions on the subject of wearing in public. Some of us do every day and enjoy it, some do only on certain...
  5. diaperedteenager

    Tips for Public Wearing

    Tips for public Wearing Okay, I know that there is some stuff about this already in the Wiki, but if someone could add this to it that would be most grand. So, I have worn in public many many times. It is no big deal! For people who are worried about getting caught, you most likely will...