public perception

  1. Poofybutt

    Regular People Responding Positively to AB

    So, I had an interesting experience today. I attended a meet-up being held by other students and local artists and we got to talking about projects we'd like to make. Well, one woman chimed in with, "does anybody know about Adult Babies?". Being as I am one, I didn't speak up, but I squirmed...
  2. E

    ideas of adventure! ideas to wear your diaper in public and getting caught! the butterflies

    do you guys have any great ideas to wear your diaper to in public?
  3. M

    Suggestion ADSIC-First Impression (site alteration idea)

    First of all, I am very much aware that we don't have someone available for coding as of yet. I would simply like to get some 'air-time' and feedback on this idea, that I just hatched out, in the following thread. From...
  4. TeddyBearCowboy

    Tipping Point - Is is possible that wearing diapers could become popular with society in general?

    Well, I hope the title got your attention. :confused: I'm not trying to think too scientifically, or dive too deep in psychology, but I was pondering the whole diaper interest thing and had the question, "Is it possible that there are factors that could be powerful enough to create a change...