public exposure

  1. EdwardTheDL1998

    I think I got caught? What should I do?

    Okay, so... I go to school in Denmark ATM. (Higher Technical Exam. AKA. HTX.) And there's this girl who one day suddenly laughed a bit, which I thought was directed at me, cause she pointed in my direction. (Everyone in our class had to much fun to realize that she meant something about me, so...
  2. E

    ideas of adventure! ideas to wear your diaper in public and getting caught! the butterflies

    do you guys have any great ideas to wear your diaper to in public?
  3. O

    Anyone into public diaper exposure/messing/embarrasment? I share my thoughts and ask for yours.

    Just wondering if any of you fine guys/girls enjoy the feeling of public exposure or wearing of Diapers? If so then do you ever purposely expose your diaper to another person (or perhaps soil it in public) eg. bend over to pick something up and the diaper is momentarily exposed or maybe asking...