public display of diapers

  1. Floofywoof

    Has anyone ever seen someone wearing an Abu style diaper just out in public?

    I was at the mall the other day when I saw a guy about my age, he bent down and I saw he was wearing an ABU little pawz . I was wearing one to under my skort and I wanted to talk to him but I chickened out😞 He was cute to. I know it's been asked if you ever seen anyone wearing in public but as...
  2. E

    ideas of adventure! ideas to wear your diaper in public and getting caught! the butterflies

    do you guys have any great ideas to wear your diaper to in public?
  3. O

    Anyone into public diaper exposure/messing/embarrasment? I share my thoughts and ask for yours.

    Just wondering if any of you fine guys/girls enjoy the feeling of public exposure or wearing of Diapers? If so then do you ever purposely expose your diaper to another person (or perhaps soil it in public) eg. bend over to pick something up and the diaper is momentarily exposed or maybe asking...
  4. B

    people that give ABDLs a bad name

    Read this article first: Charged Firefighter May Have Had Diaper Fetish « CBS Denver These are the people that give ABDLs a bad name in the news. Every time something like this happens the public gets a bad image of us and makes it even harder for us to talk to people about it and share our...
  5. D

    Bands that are seen wearing diapers.

    Many years ago I stumbled across a grunge Japanese band out of NYC where, at least, the vocal singer wears diapers in everyone of their concerts. They are called Gelatine5 Here's a couple of their musical videos found on youtube: YouTube - GELATINE - New Monster YouTube - CHANNEL ZERO #8...