public accident

  1. LunaVibin

    Almost a whole day without an accident

    Unlike the past few days, I didn’t have any accidents today, so I decided to get myself some candy after work. As I was looking at the candy, I suddenly felt a lot of pressure in my bladder. I started to hurry towards the bathroom, but the front of my diaper was getting warmer and thicker the...
  2. sissyBritney

    My First Wetting Accident In Public

    I have been wearing diapers and plastic pants fulltime for about 6 months now. I wear to work, shopping, church no matter what I am doing now I am always diapered. Today I went shopping at a local mall. I was wearing a pair of jean shorts with a black spaghetti strap top with pink sneakers and...
  3. Pokogirl

    I Accidentally Peed In The Pool

    Last month, I had an accident in public. Some of you wanted to know about it, and so I'm making a post. It was the first time I had an accident like this. I don't have any medical problems. But I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for over 10 months. I have little use for toilets other than #2 &...