1. Premetheus

    How do you youtube from a PS3?

    I have plenty of games that I bought online (my disc games were all stolen I had about 40 some) that I want to play and upload to youtube. One issue... I have no idea how to do that nor do I know how to edit... I already have a youtube channel which I can reveal upon request, but anyway, I just...
  2. D


    can anyone recommend and good ps3 games that are meant for toddler/pre schoolers/young kids?
  3. JoeMiller

    What are your top 5 favourite video games

    Just curious to know what you lovely bunch see as your favourite games I'll start with myself obviously :) (series can count as one if you like) 1. Knights of the old republic 2. Mass Effect 3. Fallout 3 4. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 5. Battlefield Bad Bad Company 2
  4. Emileigh

    Having a bit of trouble with my ps3

    Alright, here's the situation. I just bought a ps3 and black ops. I tend to leave my ps3 on, which I probably shouldn't. But tonight I saw an update for black ops, and I let it install, but then it said there was an issue with it, and the start up was having an issue. It completely froze up the...
  5. Toddy

    PS3 Blueray player blues

    So lately ive been bored with my 360, so I was thinking about getting a PS3 to widen my horizons of gaming the only problem is the is so 360 is what 200$ right now and a PS3 can range anywhere from 299-399 which is crazy the only reason why it is so high priced is...
  6. pampersonly

    Xbox 360 or PS3

    what should i get the Xbox or PS3 im buying a new game station this year ive still been playin sonic and doom on my sega dreamcast so what should i get ill let you decide
  7. B

    Anyone play Rockband 2(PS3)

    hey do anyone here play rockband on the PS3
  8. baby_mike

    Playstation 3

    I am so happy, i am getting a ps3 next week with gta4. So can't wait. So...what do you think about the ps3.