1. T

    Just in case moments

    Hey everyone! Thought it would be interesting to hear some of your most noteworthy moments when you decided to put on a diap "just in case" and ended up being very glad that you did. Simple question but I think it would be awesome to know what comes to mind for people out there. Cheers!
  2. E

    Setting up my bed for unlimited wettings (Are these products a good start?)

    If you don't know about my previous posts. But encase you don't let me explain. Last time I tried to improve diaper leaking while in bed. But I just wet to much. I usually wet the bed at least twice per week. Up to five times some weeks. But I wet as many times as I need during the night. And in...
  3. Firehawk

    Added Protection

    Well I finally got a duvet cover and I must say it makes me feel a little more comfortable knowing that if I do have a leak which happens more often than not that I want have to wash the duvet. It is a little noisy to sleep under though but I'm sure I'll get used to that.
  4. Firehawk

    Bed Protection

    Well after waking up this morning to a wet bed despite wearing a nappy and sleeping on a quilted bed protector which had bunched up under me during the night I have decided to go back to putting a sheet of plastic over the mattress just like I had when I was a child. I would like something...
  5. N

    depend polymer getting everywhere

    I just got some depends protection with tabs and i noticed polymer getting on my bed. I took out a fresh one and rubbed the two sides together over a table, and sure enough there was little flecks of polymer all over the table. Upon further investigation I discovered that it may have been coming...
  6. J

    What do you call them?

    So I was just replying to Kodey's intro and something struck me. Most people here use the word Diapers when referring to their protection. Me I call it protection. What got me wondering was is there a difference in what we call our diapers/protection based on our likes, desires or needs for...