1. dlissexy


    Any other men here who have PBH and how do you cope with it?
  2. Slomo

    Just had my surgery, slill in hosp.

    I just had mynsurgery this morning. Chilling and bord, so I thought I'd update everyone. My urethroplasty was done orthoscopicly. However, to do so the actually had to completely remove my prostate just to get at the stricture. For anyone who has been following, the bottomn1/2 inch of my...
  3. xtrabulk

    Kinda an emergency, father needs pullups!

    Hi All, Say, my dad needs pullups after Prostate cancer surgery. I've been trying to get him to accept diapers, but he insists on pullups. And....ordered a 12-pack of Depends. This is unacceptable. Anyway, I need to get him pullups, and am thinking of Unique Wellness. Thing is, I have no clue...
  4. xtrabulk

    An Embarrasing Visit to Dr

    So about a year ago, I was having prostate infections. I had gotten a few DREs, so when I went back for a follow up, I knew I'd be getting another. So, I get called back, and my doctor...and good friend...came in and closed the door. I went over to shake his hand. After that, he made chitchat...
  5. U

    Should I be worried that I can't?

    So after way too long I've started to indulge my DL fantasies, but now I'm having an issue I didn't expect to come up. I seem to be seriously restricted in the positions where it's even physically possible for me to wet. The standing position is pretty easy (as noted in another thread), and...