1. littlemitch98

    Where to get things

    Is there anyone who has or knows of anywhere that dose Thomas the tank engine or train or car related clothing or any or dose anyone like Thomas or lightning McQueen
  2. E

    Setting up my bed for unlimited wettings (Are these products a good start?)

    If you don't know about my previous posts. But encase you don't let me explain. Last time I tried to improve diaper leaking while in bed. But I just wet to much. I usually wet the bed at least twice per week. Up to five times some weeks. But I wet as many times as I need during the night. And in...
  3. S

    Trusted AB/DL Product Sites?

    Salutations users. I am interested in ordering AB/DL products such as onesies, sleepers, pacifiers, bibs, etc. The problem is, I do not know where to start to look online or even know what sites can be trusted! So I would like to ask you folks what websites do you recommend to order...
  4. B

    New trend: Acceptance Incognito or Unrecognized Marketing

    I'm pretty sure that we've all noticed that in recent times, companies have been moving to make more of their product more enjoyable. I'm not just talking about the ABDL products that we are starting to see more of, but I'm talking about all the mundane products that we don't reall think about...
  5. B

    Problem With a Canadian Incontinence Product Retailer

    I ordered some inexpensive plastic pants from Medical Supplies Canada also called 2Care4 Medical. While things started out well in that when I received the pants and didn't like them, they offered to replace them with their better waterproof pants, if I paid the difference in price, which are...
  6. foxytiger

    Your favorite diaper

    What is your favorite diaper, and why do you like it? For example, mine is the pink princess pull-ups, because I love princesses. My other one is the pampers cruisers size 7, because they have the straps.