privacy options

  1. Justo

    Privacy tips

    Here are some internet privacy tips for looking up...private stuff(e.g. diaper stuff) If using Google Chrome, on an Incognitio window, this doesn't record any history, store any cookies or data. Delete history, you can delete just the private stuff and leave the rest by going "Show Full...
  2. mizzycub

    Questions Over Blog System?

    Considering recently I have been posting more frequently too it, and it is difficult for people to know that I have posted to what is a private blog without me advertising it, I was considering setting my blog to being open to registered members so that it appeared in the list of blogs at the...
  3. EmeraldsAndLime

    Profile Privacy Options

    Hey... I just logged out to see if profile privacy options were still in place. I set mine to VIPs or above before the forum was updated, but now I can view my profile whilst logged out. Don't know if it's still recognising that it's me through whatever means, but yeah... I don't see any option...