1. K

    Prison IC's"

    This is something i have always asked myself. If people need diapers in prison di they get them? Do they get the shit beat out of them? Im not an IC but if i just wanted diapers and prison (i never plan on going there), but would i get them just because i wanted them and/or needed them?
  2. betagame

    Diaper Punishment in real adult life???

    i got a new thread idea... how would it work instead of going to prison have diaper punishment there would be plastic pants with a lock and camera on it, and it would unlock when you need to change...and you would have no choice and wear 2/47 until a specific can still do your normal...
  3. betagame

    Poll:What should i do??|ordering online/wait until im 18??

    I think people are making jokes behind my back and i think EVERYONE knows about it. even a school aid made a joke "next thing you know he will be bringing pads for when he will need to take a crap" I AM seriously thinking that. therefor i masturbate while watching diaper girl videos. instead of...