1. Slomo

    Aisian style massage diapered

    I frequent a normal american massage parlor, and being both incontinent and abdl I also go with wearing crinklz (my go-to and only diaper I currently use). My masseuse knows I'm diapered, and it has never once been a big deal. He is always cautious to tuck in the sheet so my diaper isn't exposed...
  2. A

    NEVA Ocean Print Diaper - Picture included

    Hi Everyone, So I recently received a pack of the mysterious cloth-feel Neva ocean print diapers, shipped from China. I've been looking around ADISC and Reddit for someone to do a review of them, but I haven't seen anything yet. I'm not a master reviewer, but I hope this gives you some...
  3. D

    Why is there no abdl pull up?

    I know that goodnites and such can fit a small adult, but they don't really hold that lot and are still generally small (well maybe because they're not meant to be worn by adults lol). Why haven't ABU, bambino and such made their own custom print pull up? Is it too complicated or do you need...
  4. D

    New diaper print! (pampers 1989 remake)

    Hi again! I tried to make somewhat of a replica of the 1989 disney babies print used by pampers. Pictures are not the same since the original ones are not available anywhere, but I tried my best to add similiar images. I do not own the pictures used in this print or gain profit from this, all ©...
  5. C

    What is the Most Embarassing Diaper to be caught wearing ever.

    I found this topic interesting what do You think What's The most embarassing:o diaper/nappy to be caught wearing by anyone you don't know or in public. This question relates to baby and adult diapers. So pick a diaper and post id like do see which diaper is the most embarassing. while making...