1. Canadianfalls

    Sweet and burnt plastic smell in full diapers

    Curious if this is just me or something common... after a few hours (maybe 3-6) in a fairly saturated diaper, do you ever notice a sweet and almost sugary smell? I get this a lot with the Prevail 360 diapers, and sometimes with a BetterDry... though after long wearing an M4 or BetterDry I...
  2. T

    Has anyone tried the Prevail Air briefs?

    Yeah, yeah, it's a medical diaper. Not super fun to look at, but I think I want to try them. They have the stretchy sides with two little rectangles of that velcro-ish tape on them. These diapers are also cloth-backed. Just checking in here in case anyone has tried them. They are pretty new...
  3. Neet

    Help Needed on my next purchase!

    One of my few gifts this Easter is an amazon gift card with $30 on it, which honestly is one of the best presents I've received cause now I get to try out a new brand of diapers! Thing is, I'm not too knowledgeable on the pros and cons of most diapers. As of today, I know I really like the...