1. SimCo

    I Love Little Pawz!

    I just have to let everyone know, that ABU’s Little Pawz diapers are my all-time favorite diaper! Most importantly, I love them because they can absorb more liquid before they start leaking than any other diaper I’ve ever tried! The tapes are also rock-solid, and they have never ripped or...
  2. Neet

    Velcro Tabs on Adult Diapers

    Are there any premium diapers that use velcro tabs instead of the usual tape tabs?
  3. tiny

    Which of the Abena paper-backed diapers do you prefer?

    Now that the plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form has been discontinued (in the UK at least), I wondered which of the fake-cloth backed ranges you prefer. Vote now!
  4. Pamperable

    Shortage of ABDL premium diapers

    Wow, Bambino has been out of mediums of Teddys, Classico, etc., for awhile and ABUniverse are also out of mediums for Cushies and SDKs. Not to mention their Fabine Exclusives have been lost in space for the past 6 months or whatever :) (Kinda given up on those.) I suppose it's all just an...
  5. babyhuey

    Abena XL4 Air Premium Flex Tapes are BAD

    I have been buying Abena Air Plus XL4's from My last shipment was replaced with the new Premium style. I immediately have had trouble with their new flex-tapes. They loosen up so much that the diaper falls off in an hour or so. Or the tapes tear apart where the stretchy part joins...