1. xtrabulk

    Physics Question...I think. (Or common sense.)

    Hi there, So, after a year and a half of use, my Kins velcro diaper (not an AIO) is getting a bit...yellow. Thing is, before that happened, I started using toddler prefolds as stuffers. And, I'm known to have a beer or four while wearing. So, here's the question: Wouldn't the prefolds (I use...
  2. xtrabulk

    Diaper Pail Assistance Needed

    Hi there, I read other related posts, but saw few links and personal experiences. The wife is going to crank out cloth diapers. The one she made, I washed 3 times yesterday! My question is, I should be able to afford a diaper pail with the savings. If I use 5 cloth diapers a week, with 10 baby...