1. Argent

    Diaper Peference Poll (just for fun of course)

    Hi peeps, Spinning out of the recent excellent thread “Anyone prefer plastic tapes over velcro?” thought it could be fun to create a poll for some base stats on ADISCERS diaper preference. I couldn’t think of a way to capture all the preferences such as number of tapes/tabs or the type of...
  2. MatalicPebble

    Baby oil and bath scents

    I am looking into different kinds of soap. Back when I was just beginning to explore my AB sissy side I was dealing with stress and memories from High-school that bothered me even though it had been a couple years since I graduated. (2009) My imaginary realm that I had and still have does help...
  3. MatalicPebble

    Your prefference in accesories

    I am going to try and sew AB/DL stuff again. I took a break from sewing clothing to read up on concept. I want to know how to determine what is fashionable and what makes you wonder if the kitchen sink is included. Now that I am back and considering sewing AB/DL stuff again I need ideas. I get...
  4. tiny

    How brand specific are ABs vs. DLs...?

    I was just listening to a podcast from Pampered Penny (sorry, it's on an 18+ site so I can't link to it) in which she said that, perhaps surprisingly, DLs seem to be less-specific over their choice of diaper brand/type than ABs. She suggested (and I've paraphrased this a lot) that this might be...