1. inconsurferdude

    Switching from plastic-backed to cloth-backed for summer?

    My go-to diaper since I started having to wear them full time this past November has been plastic-backed Attends, which work really well for me. I rarely have leaks, and I use Tena Overnight pads as stuffers every night and sometimes during the day, especially if I'm at home. But lately I've...
  2. ram15l

    A week being 24/7

    I know a lot of people have been doing it a lot longer than that, I'm starting to get adjusted meaning easier to go, I don't notice or feel the bulk as much ( I forgot I was wearing a Pull-up and walked out of the room with nothing but it on I was half asleep lol ) changing is easy and so is...
  3. bbabysitter26

    Working Out in Diapers

    Has anyone tried this? I can't imagine it being comfortable, but part of me wants to try. Definitely wouldn't use powder.
  4. P

    Hello from a PuffCub!

    I am blatantly following the SPDDAN cheat sheet here. Bare with me and my emoticons! I hold comedy above all else in my life (even breathing?). Simply believing laughter can be a life saving rope out of any darkness (though a physical rope can sometimes come in handy too). What better way to...
  5. Darkfinn

    Does Powder Affect Absorbancy?

    Hey all... I've been noticing this over the past few days... maybe I'm not the only one. Have any of you found that using powder will affect the absorbing capability of the diaper? I've especially noted it with the Abri-forms. On the days that I use powder the first wetting seems to pool and...
  6. chevre

    Diaper Scent Drops

    Has anyone tried them? If so, what do you think? I'm tempted to buy some. Although I wouldn't consider myself an AB, I do rather like the smell of (fresh :-P) baby diapers. Obviously it's not something I'd wear out and about, but it could be nice. I found this site: Mommie's Diaper Fresh...