potty training

  1. Elhon

    Potty training story.

    I think a few of us probably have a pretty interesting history with potty training. I would say that I do. I was not out of daily diapers until I was seven, I am mildly incontinent in that I get the urge to use the restroom but it then goes away and when I actually wet the feeling of needing to...
  2. californiaabdl

    Should I try to wear diapers 24/7?

    Hi, I've been off to college for the past 1.5 years but now I'm back living at home because I'm going to a local community college instead. So, I'll be back living at home like my high school and middle school years. I'll be taking a few online classes and the rest will be on campus. And since...
  3. Pokogirl

    No Diapers November

    No diapers november. Is this a thing? After wearing 24/7 for over 10 months, I've finally decided to take a break. Here are the reasons why : - One of the main reason is to retrain my bladder a bit. I don't have any medical problems. But wearing for a long time made me somewhat dependent...
  4. Karit

    What Was The Last Diaper You Wore Before Potty Training?

    Was it a disposable or cloth? What was the brand, if you can remember? Did you ever try to wear them again after potty training? As for myself, I've been a DL all my life. I can remember wearing Pampers into the early '70's. My last diaper was a Toddler size Pampers that just came out. Before...
  5. woodenpotty

    Old Potty Training

    This maybe for older members, but everyone that has input can pitch in. While most of us can't remember our own potty training we do sometimes have memories of others training. I'm a early Baby Boomer and lived in Chicago so there were lots of kids. We were often in other kid's homes. I saw...
  6. woodenpotty

    The importance of toilet training

    I have a question for those who aremedically incontinent. I have a friend who has a child that hasAutism. He has it in a rather severe form. He is not potty trainedbut does have control. For example he likes to stand at the top ofstairs and pee down along with other tricks when he wants to...
  7. woodenpotty

    high chair - potty chair

    https://imgur.com/HwTVNJ8 Did anyone have one of these combination high/potty chairs? And how did your family use it? My childhood neighbor had three boys, two of which were my about my age. The third, Roy, was three or five years younger. The three of us spent a lot of time in each...
  8. woodenpotty

    Adult Potty Chair

    Back in March there was a thread from a person looking for an adult potty chair. I build custom traditional wooden potty chairs. I started making toddler size ones, then I started making larger ones for people with special needs. Then I built some adult size. These are all based on...
  9. J

    What age??

    What age were you when you were potty trained and what age did you start to want to wear diapers again? For me I was 3 when I was potty trained and began my obsession with getting and wearing diapers when I was 5
  10. F

    Is it possible to solve my incontinence?

    Hi, this is my first post, so I will try to do it well (also English is not my first language, so sorry if I can not express myself well). I think I have become incontinent. It all started last year, when I went to live away from my parents. There, I started to buy diapers and I used them...
  11. LilCDM

    Does anybody here watch potty trading DVDs?

    I own 4 potty training DVDs. They are Potty time with bear, Elmo’s Potty time, No More Diaper, and Go Potty Go. I was wondering if anybody could suggest which one I should buy next. Yes, I know Diapers are Grate (No More Diapers Clip) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyShZCLOfDUPotty
  12. ZombieHugs

    Diaper use among school age kids could be increasing

    I post this because I'm curious about this as a sociological phenomenon, and the effects it could have generally, and specifically on the abdl community, and if it's even real. I could have posted this in IC, or even AB, but I felt it best posted here because of the aforementioned thoughts. A...
  13. M

    Android ABDL app!

    So this is a alpha demo of the up and coming ABDL Potty timer. For more info see Reddit and if anyone can assist here's the github. McEpicton's ABDL apps is where all future updates will be! Also feel free to share it this or the reddit page anywhere! Feedback is not just welcome, but needed.
  14. G

    Large potty

    I know this has been covered several times but this has just appeared on UK ebay and thought members would be interested. Search for "Sturdy plastic Chamber Pot / Large Potty For Child Or Small Adult" in Health & Beauty
  15. kennyrallen

    Potty Training at what age..

    Being some one who was forced potty trained, forced out of diapers to early, being 3 at the time. Kids who are taken out of diapers to early, no matter what their age is are the ones who end up having potty accidents in school. there needs to be a disclaimer to the rule the " kids must be...
  16. M

    Potty Training for women

    Hi, My interest in this site is largely around potty training women. Will enjoy chatting about the subject here. [Removed] Thanks, Mike
  17. B

    The Dangers of Potty Training Too Early

    Hey all, I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but this article provides very sound reasoning from a pediatric urologist on why parents should leave their kids in diapers until at least the age of 3, and how early potty training may lead to more frequent accidents and bed wetting. Super...