1. betagame

    Post Drafting

    Post drafting is a tool used mostly in email programs to save a version of the email before it gets sent, sometimes even automatically. This is used if the browser or computer crashes, or even when accidentally hitting the back button and erasing the text in your email. I have seen users...
  2. Vladimir

    Why we should allow users to view given reputation on individual posts.

    I believe that the removal of the viewable received reputation on other people's posts is an unwanted, unnecessary, and unacceptable decision. People all have different opinions are various topics; people give reputation for all sorts of reasons that may be valid according to the rules, but...
  3. betagame

    !!~Meh posts are getting deleted somehow after i post them...

    when i go see my posts again in a thread the'yre not there even when i dont do something wrong, whats wrong too many posts on ADISC can someone fix it