1. Siddy

    Posting in Gallery vs Profile?

    Hey guys, where do you find is the best place to post pics on this site? I was just posting some pics in the gallery thinking they also show in my profile. But when i was just looking in my profile they was not showing there. Is there really a difference between the two or is one better...
  2. BabyRaimuneko

    Read this before you start a thread on messing.

    Alright everyone, listen up. I've seen too many people violating the rules and getting banned for not knowing how to go about posting this kind of topic, and frankly I'm growing tired of people offending my fellow ADISCers. In hopes to prevent any further misunderstanding and drama, I would like...
  3. Point

    700 Posts

    Yay! 700 posts! Onwards and upwards to 1400!
  4. betagame

    Who made the 100,000th post?

    I wonder. if you have a picture, post it. if you dont give me a permalink.