post office

  1. M

    Post office collection?

    This is my first post here so hello everyone and happy new year! I am fairly new to diapers and have only bought a few from my local shops but i'd like to buy some online. Because i still live at home I really don't want my family finding out, does anyone know of a UK based website that delivers...
  2. BracedDL

    Shipping to Australia

    As you know Australia has a terrible range of diapers. I find US sites cheaper than Australian online sites(e.g. physiosupplies) Does anyone know a shipping company that'll ship care of a post office?
  3. EmoCowMoo

    So I bought some Attends Waistband diapers...

    Yea, I bought some Attends Waistband diapers through Overstock and thought I'd have them shipped to my college address instead of my house so my parents/sis wouldn't have any chance of finding them (I dont wear at college since I live in a dorm with a roommate who never leaves the room). Anyway...