1. SimCo

    Bottom Tape Positioning

    Can someone please weigh in on the proper positioning for the bottom tapes on 4 or 6 tape disposables (like Abena M4, Bambino Bellissimo, Attends, etc)? I have seen articles and videos on the internet that claim that the bottom tapes should be pointed up, and I've also seen ones that claim the...
  2. PrinceMatthew

    Diaper usage while lying down or sleeping

    I've tried wearing diapers to bed before, but I've always had problems falling asleep while doing so. and even if I lie down while diapered but not sleeping, I have a hard time wetting. does anyone else have this problem. the other issue is I cant get the idea that I'm diapered off my mind...
  3. LittleAdam

    Changing Positions

    So I got around to thinking this morning about the best ways to change a diaper. For those of us that change ourselves (I assume that is most of us), do you do it standing up (holding the diaper up against a wall as you go to fasten it) or laying down? Do you have any methods for fastening the...