1. S

    How to make a diaper

    Looked at other threads and didn't quite find the answer I was looking for. I currently can't get diapers :sad:. I usually make them with tape,towels and toilet paper but I am out of tape with no money. Can I make a diaper with this things? Towel Toilet paper String Garbage bags Boxers
  2. S

    Hello! Fellow diaper enthusiasts!!

    I have had this fetish ever since I was 10 years (well i noticed it) but since I live with family and I cant move out until I have enough money to get a dorm I can't wear diapers :sad: BUT I make makeshifts every now and then and mess in them!!! I really wish I could wear pampers but I have no...
  3. PamperedBottom

    Scented Disposable Diapers question

    I've found that the scent of these diapers (Pampers and Luvs) is usually on the inner lining of the diaper (the scent is quite nice too, obviously). My question is, is the scent in some supposed to serve a purpose? Does a peed or pooped in diaper mix with the chemicals to enhance that scent in...
  4. Meowstic

    Great diapered ideas!

    I'm a bedwetter and a diaper lover. I LOVE goodnites. I wear them every night! :D Anywho, here are a couple ideas for other diaper lovers. And you had better got a REALLY absorbant diaper for these! First, do you drink water alot, but get annoyed by constantly getting up for refills? Well, if...
  5. PamperedBottom

    I wish I was the baby in this commercial

    Carnival Commercial Stinky - YouTube Haha so I know the point of the commercial was to show that its not a very good vacation, but this is literally the perfect way I would want to be checked for a poopy diaper. I love how she shifts the bottom close to her nose before she makes a big inhale...