1. LittleFoal

    Fastest way to poop

    Hey I want to poop and was wondering what the quickest way to do it with out needing an enama bag. Want to poop a lot so yea need a thing to do the job right.
  2. M

    Pooing in pants

    Who has ever pooed there pant without a diaper or plastic pants
  3. N

    Simulated Diaper

    Has anyone ever taken multiple pairs of underwear and put them on to simulate a diaper? I don't have the guts to go to the store to buy a pack of diapers or a place to put them where they will be hidden. Considering I have a slender 'build', I wear usually size large underwear (fruit of the...
  4. D

    Wanting to use in my house?

    So, I have a very interesting situation here. I am 19 and have lived on my own since right after I turned 18. I was curious before that but pretty much started wearing off and on after that. It was fine before because I was always alone. I recently moved and over the past couple of months my...
  5. N

    That "Letting Go" Moment

    What goes through your head as you "let go" of yourself in a diaper? What do you think as you feel that warm rush of pee flow into your diaper while you wet yourself? What's on your mind as you push out a mess? How do you feel when you finally strap yourself (or are strapped into) a soft, comfy...
  6. foxytiger

    Yes :d

    Ok, so I was constipated for over a week now (well I didn't defecate for over a week) but anyways, so I was in a bad mood all week. Laxatives didn't work, nothing worked... until now. I just filled my diaper all the way up. And its still coming. I feel so releived, and much more relaxed since...
  7. H

    Urinary Tract Infections

    Hey guys, I'll mess about maybe once or twice a month and when I do, often I'll find when I'm changing that there's fecal matter on my genitals, even on the pee hole. Is this cause for alarm of a UTI? There's a lot of germs in feces, so how do those of you who do mess deal with this issue and...