pooped pants accedint

  1. Pika123

    I pooped my pants in public today

    So today I wanted to try something. I was at the mall and needed to go number 2 and I thought, well I have got a diaper on, might as well use it. But then I thought of doing something else. I rushed to my car, grabbed my diaper bag and unload my shopping. I went back into the mall, went to the...
  2. Pika123

    Is it the same or is it different? And another question

    A random question, but is it the same feeling pooping your pants compared with messing a diaper? I had problems with this at school on a regular basis (not making it to the loo) and can’t remember much about it. I did wear diapers until about year 3 and then stopped, but still messed till about...