1. FurryFarts43

    Looking for someone to draw my poopy Pidgeon farting diaper poop fursona

    Where can I find an artist to draw my fursona? My fursona is a baby Pidgeon farting with a diaper. I am looking for someone willing to draw my poopy Pidgeon. Sorry if this is of topic but I am new to the fury fandom and I dont know many artists who will do birds.
  2. L

    My boyfriend is into ABDL and I need advice

    So I have been on here for a while and just have not posted much. I am the significant other to a DL, but who has started exploring the AB side. When he first came out to me a couple of years ago, it took me a while to adjust- like it would with anyone. I was fine with the DL after a while and...
  3. Pika123

    Is it the same or is it different? And another question

    A random question, but is it the same feeling pooping your pants compared with messing a diaper? I had problems with this at school on a regular basis (not making it to the loo) and can’t remember much about it. I did wear diapers until about year 3 and then stopped, but still messed till about...
  4. M

    A night out drinking

    For the new year, I celebrated with more than my fair share of drinks. Unfortunately, this generally leads to many more wet (duh) and apparently messy accidents. I guess because the alcohol lowers feeling in my bowel? Or maybe it just makes my messes more loose? Or maybe it's because I don't...
  5. T

    Anyone who like to squish a poopy diaper?

    Hello guys! Im new here! I dont want to be like a weird man, but who here like to squish your poopy in your diaper? Cause I do love! It feels so warmy and confortable like I am in Heaven! :3
  6. SleepySoaker

    A rude yet pleasantly unexpected awakening

    So last night I decided to have a bit of fun and get drunk while playing video games with my friends. When I decided to go to sleep, I put a diaper on (Abena M4) as I tend to wet in my sleep when I drink (I've been a bedwetter my whole life and will wet when sober if I don't pee before bed) I...
  7. 1

    Goodnites trufit pads

    So I currently have normal boys goodnites, trufit pads, and trufit underwear. The trufit are awesome and hold a lot (more then the normal goodnites) but you can't really poop in them with just a pad inside. I normally use regular goodnites for messing. I would like to try doubling up, but I'm...
  8. J

    Who likes being a smelly butt??

    I love being a smelly butt but everyone is always at home so I can't never poop in my diaper does anyone have the same problem as me?
  9. PaddedSuperboy

    My Brother Knows About Diaper Usage ?

    Hello everyone. I have been on this site awhile, and I want to get all of your opinions on a incident that occurred today. About a month ago, my brother walked in on me sucking on a pacifier. I thought I had ripped it out of my mouth fast enough for him not to see it. Apparently not, because...
  10. kennyrallen

    An odd Question about going #2

    WARNING IF YOU DO NOT LIKE READING ABOUT POOPING PLEASE READ SOMETHING ELSE. My Question is why is it easier for me to go poop standing up with a whole lot stress and strain then setting on the toilet? Could something be getting compacted when I am setting down? I had my colon checked about...
  11. Meowstic

    Diaper+Pool=Bad Choice?

    So, a month or 2 ago, I wondered how it would feel to mess a diaper in the tub. So I did... All I can say is, WOW. The diaper DID NOT hold the mess in. The water was quite contaminated, and it was disgusting! So this experience made me think a little... Everybody knows babies are incontinent...
  12. Meowstic

    Baby Movie Clips

    So, when I was little, my parents got the Rugrats Movie... An orange VCR tape. One thing that stuck out to me, though... The part where they're in the woods, and dill is lying down, and he craps his diaper with a "blurt" sound... When I was little, there was just something that made me want to...
  13. S

    What is the best tabbed diaper?

    I am wanting to get some diapers that actually fit me (no more baby diapers). I would like to know what your opinions where on the best tabbed adult diapers. I have not tried any adult ones and need some advise. The diapers have to be able to be bought from a local store because I live with my...
  14. R

    I Think I'm FtM, but Not a True AB/DL

    My real name is nowhere near Rob or Robby, and all I can tell you about myself is that I am female-bodied and in my late 20's, having never taken the first drop of male hormones nor had the first surgery. I would be devastated if those who know me in the real world discovered my lifelong...
  15. Meowstic

    Sleeping in poop?

    If I just wear my poopy diaper for around 6 hours, could I get diaper rash from it? I really want to sleep in a poopy diaper tonight and shower at 6 in the morning tomorrow when nobody will notice. :smile1:
  16. FievelandTonyAB93

    Out of diapers for now

    Well it seems like I ran out of diapers to wear and use as a potty. My last diaper, which I didn't go pee or poop in, had its right tape ripped when I took it off and my diaper from before stunk up when I pooped in it. Of course farting took place before the pooping. I won't have time to buy...
  17. Meowstic

    Great diapered ideas!

    I'm a bedwetter and a diaper lover. I LOVE goodnites. I wear them every night! :D Anywho, here are a couple ideas for other diaper lovers. And you had better got a REALLY absorbant diaper for these! First, do you drink water alot, but get annoyed by constantly getting up for refills? Well, if...
  18. N

    Hi there

    Hi! My name i nosense, was going to call myself noNsense, but that was taken. I'm a Norwegian diaper lover. Right now I'm wearing a Abena Abri-Form M4. I think you get a bit tired of just diaper-talk, so I can tell you things about me that is not diaper related! :-) I'm 20-25 years old, live...
  19. F


    helli i ma fofrogdude22 and i love to ski and snowmobile and i may need to wear a diaper because i cant hold my bladder well while skiing:sweatdrop:
  20. P

    Brisbane- first time going 'public' with my kink

    Brisbane Qld. Hi. This is the first time I have told anyone if my 'fetish.' I thought I was alone during my teenage years until discovering the wonders if the Internet. I am not into the adult baby thing but do not mind if you are. [Removed]