1. Angellothefox

    Halloween going trick and treeting poll

    I honestly do not know where to put this It is not a story so Story thread is out of the question. And it is not too much of a RP so? :dunno: Here is a made up senerio. You are 7 years old and you went trick o treating with 3 other kids all younger then you. You had your favorite costume on...
  2. TheNewNo2

    Christmas greetings

    After a good natured argument with a friend, I would like to ask you all: What is your preferred Christmas greeting? The argument was over Merry or Happy Christmas, but it occurs to me there are so many more possibilities. So... which is yours?
  3. betagame

    Polls Section Seperate From The Forum??

    There are other sites that have a section of the site completely devoted to polls. I think this would be a phenomenal idea, because this would be less threads and straightforward permanent polls that never close due to inactivity. Have the polls section have a random button, new poll column, top...
  4. betagame

    Ability to Edit Polls???

    I have wanted to edit polls and I can't. Is there a new feature in vBullitin 3.8 that will allow you to Edit Polls?????