1. D

    Poll: Imagine you can improve ABDL community life

    Imagine You can improve ABDL community life and you can choose two from those 6 options above. Which would you like to exist commonly in our life? 1. Baby diaper producers like Pampers, Huggies, Bella etc., make diapers with adult size from XS to XXL but still with baby patterns, 2. ABDL diapers...
  2. Argent

    Diaper Peference Poll (just for fun of course)

    Hi peeps, Spinning out of the recent excellent thread “Anyone prefer plastic tapes over velcro?” thought it could be fun to create a poll for some base stats on ADISCERS diaper preference. I couldn’t think of a way to capture all the preferences such as number of tapes/tabs or the type of...
  3. Argent

    ABU SDKs/Cushies/Lavender front waistband yay or nay?

    Hi peeps, I know this comes up a bit in discussion and ABU can and should be able to do whatever they want with their products but just for fun (and probably my own OCD) what would you like ABU to do with their 2 tape diapee range? Be fabulous if you could also answer the poll if any of the...
  4. S

    Poll on Acceptance

    I think this has already been done, but I couldn't find it so... yeah.
  5. Angellothefox

    They made mario maker what other maker will they make

    They already made Mario maker. So what other makers do you think they will make next?
  6. Angellothefox

    Which girl pacifier would you get poll?

    Which girl pacifier would you like to get? You can only choose one. And yes the voting will be viable to the public. I keep forgetting to put that in the rest of my polls. 1 2 3 4 5 Get a costume made sissy pacifier it can be adult baby or just baby
  7. tobdy1986

    Cloth Training Pant Designs?

    What kind of designs would you like to see on cloth training pants? I'm not asking for trademarked characters or anything like that. I'm thinking more in terms of generic designs like those seen on Honest company products and such.
  8. LittleICme

    Please vote: Do you prefer a Cloth backed or Plastic backed adult disposable diaper ?

    Please vote: Do you prefer a cloth backed or plastic backed adult disposable diaper ? (If you only wear cloth diapers/plastic pants, no need to vote) Medium to Super Capacity range cloth backed adult disposable diaper with leak guards and tapes/micro-velcro or Medium to Super Capacity range...
  9. MixerOp

    Poll, Sensory...

    I'm new to this site, but not to being a diaper lover. But as I have read a lot of the postings, in the last week, a thought had come to mind. What about wearing diapers do you like the most? And let me clarify this... I'm asking what physical contact, with the diaper, do you most enjoy...
  10. AngelKitten

    Poll: What do you like to do while wearing your diaper?

    I am just curious: what sort of activities do you like to do while wearing your diaper, either at home, or out and about in public?
  11. Karoshen

    Generically Diapered

    Hey whats up babes and fashion entrepreneurs i'm new here and just wanted to say hi and open with a poll. What is your favorite generics disposable diaper and why. Mine are CVS overnight briefs. there comfortable hold together and are the right price..( i don't work for cvs) Thanks all.
  12. D

    Poll: ABDL fetish or lifestyle?

    It's not a real poll, but I would be interested to know if you consider abdl-ism a fetish or lifestyle and why? Or would you categorize it as something else?
  13. Sitherus

    Are you addicted to diapers?

    Okay, so I was recently Scouring the internet and i found a wikki that caught my eye. Are you addicted to diapers? To answer that Yes i am definitely addicted to diapers. After the first question I was. (I know that this wikki is hard to take seriously) How about you?
  14. Starfox

    Official Gallop (tm) poll

    As the official polling organization of the furdom, the Gallop Polling* organization has received a request to see how furries everywhere feel about babyfurs. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Please listen to the question and all the options carefully and completely before making...
  15. tiny

    Probability Paradox of "Sleeping Beauty"

    I read this interesting puzzle the other day... and thought I'd share it with you to boggle your minds...! I'd love to hear your thoughts! For unknown reasons, a woman is told that she needs to take a drug which will wipe her memory and put her to sleep. The doctor says that he will toss a...
  16. EvanNibbler

    Odd Questions!

    I felt like posting something fun, so I'll put on a little poll of sorts. Here are the questions: What is your favorite brand of diaper? What was the first brand of diapers you ever bought/recieved/etc and how old were you at that time (you don't have to say your age if you don't feel...
  17. D

    The Wet Feeling Poll

    Search your feelings
  18. CrinkleKat

    Poll for Possible Diaperfur manga. Right Here.

    Hello all! Quick question: would any members out there be interested in seeing a Diaperfur manga in the future? It may be a possibility, if I can garner support... I hate to get everyone's hopes up, as nothing's been finalized at the moment. Even still, I'd love to hear your input on the matter...
  19. Wazzle

    Male or Female! New Poll Version!

    So I was looking through this thread http://www.adisc.org/forum/off-topic/53286-male-female.html and it seemed like there are actually a lot of girls on ADISC. Curiosity is getting the best of me and I just had to start a Poll. So here ya go, a completely optional, informative, not creepy poll...
  20. M

    Sensory adaptation... psychology of diapers!

    Hello everyone! Today in psychology, we were discussing the nature of sensation and perception as it related to touch. My mind jumped to diapers immediately, of course. What was discussed was that essentially when a new feeling occurs, we feel it very explicitly; when we put on a shirt or pants...