1. J

    Finally joined ADISC

    I'm glad to finally be on this site, it something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm generally very charismatic and talkative person. I write a lot and read a lot, so I think that will work well on this site. The reason I joined is kind of weird. I've known about this site for a while and I've...
  2. mizzycub

    Your political beliefs

    Don't worry. You don't have to post. Only if you want to. What I have found is this site called the Political Compass. It is a questionnaire that assesses how right or left your political beliefs are, both in terms economics and social beliefs. All you have to do is post the numbers you get, if...
  3. Thallis

    Oh It's Time For some Campaignin'

    It's the newest Jibjab satire. I personally love Jibjab, and this one is no disappointment. It pokes fun at both candidates, Bush, Hillary, and the system. YouTube - Time for Some Campaignin'