1. LordFluffybuttz

    I'm sorry, but I really need somone to cheer me up

    Sorry to vent to you but recently I've been thinking and usually thinking too deeply isn't good for your health. lol So I was watching a few videos of Law enforcement tributes and then it also lead to videos of officers being killed in the line of duty. This hit me hard because I'm currently in...
  2. captainpollution

    The most frustrating ABDL afternoon ever.

    So, today I decided to take inventory of my stash, which is at a storage facility. (I still live with my parents) I get what I need, I take a few, and then I make my way back home. I finally get off the freeway. Then there is a big problem. My car's muffler has rusted off completely, and it's...
  3. LushieCat

    Strange DL Dream

    So I had a dream, but...I don't want to talk about it. What if Martin Luther King Jr. had said that? So I get this package in the mail, and open it and to my surprise it's a package of the nicest looking diapers I've ever seen. Very crinkly, thick, and plastic backed. They also have an...
  4. P

    Hi there :-)

    Hi, my name is Police - formerly known as Babyo. I have a new profile because my e-mail that i used with babyo isn't accessible anymore. I'm a diaper lover and tb/ab. On my sparetime i'm studying and working. I love this forum, cause it's all about what i love to do :)
  5. A

    I got pulled over by the police today.

    I was out filming our light rail and I must admit I was kind of close to the tracks. I was trying to look at the train coming from the north (track further from me) when a train coming from the south came by and spooked me. The train operator blew his horn at me and I'm pretty sure he called...