pokemon diaper

  1. JaysonTheRegressor

    Baby MewTwo Changies {Commission}

    Did a commission for @DiaperAxolotl ! Drew baby MewTwo in a Pampers Babydry size 8 with a mew plushie and a Spyro paci!
  2. MegaChar

    Making an AIO cloth diaper help.

    My 2 yards of fabric that has Blaziken came in a few weeks ago and I want to make a AIO[all in one]cloth diaper out of it for me. So im asking if you know what other materials I need to buy,im going to make it like the Huggies diapers. Im taking sewing class so I can allways get help. Im...
  3. MegaChar

    Custom Diaper Tapes,Where to find and buy?

    I know this question must of been asked millions of times before but my DL'ness wants diaper personallity from my fandom of Pokemon[Oh brother!]...So,what im actually asking for is some links to web sites or stores that allow you to customize your order[diaper tapes] to be....Well you. Would be...