1. D

    The Best of Online Poetry?

    I always struggle to find GOOD poetry online... Wanna provide me with some? Post some of your fave pieces of poetry - maybe you can even share your own! :smile1:
  2. Musician147

    Change me. (Short poem)

    So I wrote a short poem. I'd love to hear what you guys think: Change me. Life is dark And damp am I Of stinging tears that will not dry My person moist of trickling sweat A bad dream, a nightmare, a trap my mind has set I cry and weep and throw a fit As if I scream into the void "I quit" A...
  3. NomadSage

    Salvete, Hello, Hola

    Hello, everyone. I'm an American living in Spain. I just graduated from uni, and I did my last year of uni in Andalusia (the south of Spain). Now I live in Madrid and work as a teacher. I spend most of my free time writing and reading—I'm a bit of an introvert in a party-hard extroverted...
  4. LittleRed

    So I uhm... I wrote a poem... If anyone wants to read it...

    "Oh Wolf. You stand there howling, at the cold, unfeeling, hollow moon. You howl as if that orb that hangs high up in the sky, so far out of reach, can hear you. You howl as if somehow, it can bring back what you have lost. Mostly, you howl because you just need someone anyone to talk to...
  5. K

    A bardic introduction

    A kitten I be, A poet you see, And though I oppose, ABAB and just prose, In the poems that I see, Good ones fill me with glee, And the first stanza of this intro sucks. As far as diapers go, I'm just a fan, not a infant, though some treatment is nice, Of regression I've thought twice, And...