1. K

    Abdl/diaperfur podcasts

    Unless I missed it I couldn’t find a good post that had a list of Abdl/baby fur/diaperfur podcasts that are still active. Anyone know of any? The only one I’m aware of that still posts is the big little podcast which last aired in July.
  2. Slomo

    Diaper fetish podcast

    Just came across this 40 minute ling podgast on huffington post. It actually does a good job explaining what fetishes are, then goes into a diaper fetish. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_55f189e9e4b002d5c0783e64
  3. ToddySmurf

    Hi everybody! This is marking my entrance to ADISC

    And by, "marking my entrance," I merely mean for me to track the join date - not that by my joining your life will be any better than it already is :) So, in accordance with the introduction "Cheat Sheet:" I'm in my forties. Very happily married. Bunches of children. I'm a recording engineer...