1. lukethefur

    cloth pocket diapers/stuffers in the UK??

    so I've been digging around this site and it seems i'd really like some of the snap-EZ pocket diapers... but when you're talking $20 shipping, it's like a blow to the face :( does anyone know of any UK-based alternatives for pocket diapers? or even ones that just ship cheaply to the UK. also...
  2. R

    Favorite Pokemon!

    This has probably been done like a bajillion times before here, or at least something similar has. But I'll give it a shot here. :) I was feeling a little inspired by a meme I once partook of on DeviantART a while back, and thought I'd try something a little similar here for fun. It's a meme...
  3. A

    Anyone test the new KCK Adult Large Pocket Diaper yet?

    Let me know Thanks,