1. nightfox320

    Christmas’s Eve Eve Y’all!!

    So tonight is Christmas Eve Eve, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m currently snuggled up on the couch at my parents place with my plush Jake enjoying the company of family and a Christmas movie. Though I’m not padded or acting little simply snuggling here and enjoy Christmas makes me feel happy...
  2. M

    PlushCon Discord Invite

    I threw together a mixed-content discord for Plush-lovers. I hope I can code up a reddit r/videos scraper bot for the reddit-tv channel. Here you go: Hopefully eventually I can ge a movie night going on
  3. J

    Missing Plushy

    Just got back home from grandma's for thanksgiving, and when I went to my room, everything was moved. My dresser was empty of all my clothes which were now in cardboard boxes on shelves that used to have stuff but didn't anymore, my dresser was moved in the middle of the walkway, tv in my...
  4. kashi

    Baymax Plushie

    Hello! Okay so I figured I'd make a forum letting everyone know that the online Disney Store is now carrying Baymax Plushies again. I don't know how long or even why, but I got one and figured there are bound to be other littles like me who really really wished they could of gotten one when...
  5. crinklecoon


    What's everyones fave plushie they have/had? For me the best thing to snuggle up to is a cool unopened pack of diapers, preferably baby diapers for the scent. I have other plushies and cuddle them but I always love going back to the pack.
  6. RoamingHermit

    Feelin' A Little Sad..

    I moved away from home a little while ago, but due to certain circumstances I had to leave my precious stuffies behind. Recently I've noticed that it's really starting to bug me. What's even worse is that I'm not sure when I can get them back!!! Has else anyone ever felt REALLY sad when apart...
  7. Ringo5

    Plushie dependance??

    Ok, this may be kinda odd. First, i'm deathly afraid of the dark, even at my age haha. Secondly, i have to sleep with my pinkie pie plushie from build a bear or I get very anxious and sad. The thing is, for a school project, my Japanese teacher is taking us all to Japan on the 8th of July...
  8. Ringo5

    Plushie collections?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering about everyone's plushie collections here. I currently only have a Pinkie Pie from Build A Bear I sleep with every night, and honestly can't sleep without or I get very anxious... Anyway, whats your collection like?
  9. Sissyjessica4

    Perk of being single on Valentines day

    It is always better to have that special someone on this day, but if you are single enjoy some of the perks. Example, yesterday I bought a beautiful dress and the cutest plushie and not a single person questioned my motives.
  10. Snaps

    Losing a Plushie

    Hiya All! So i found this tonight.... Just thought that was an amazing story. :3 Now, i don't think i've ever lost a plushie. I've had them taken away from me though! I used to have a teddy bear called "Beazly" (Beez-lee)...
  11. D


    Hi there, 35 year old female, mother and wife. I love hiking, photography, travel, writing, collecting books, and everything involving the beach. I am a lifetime thumb-sucker, who regresses to the age of 3-6. I am interested in pacifiers and looking forward to getting my first soon. I have...
  12. ShortGuy

    Help naming new plushie

    So I was out doing some last minute christmas shopping today, both for others and for myself. I was looking for a fox plushie. I must have been to five or six different toy stores, no foxes! I was about to give up (I was at Toys´R Us) when this cute guy was waiting for me. (I know, he is a...
  13. LilMonkeyAlex

    I want a stuffed monkey!

    I came into work today and there was a stuffed monkey that one of our customers had left here. He has been keeping me company all night, and now i want one of my own. I am going to have to go out and buy one. I have been a DL for sometime, and am only recently starting to accept my AB-ness...
  14. ArtikSnow

    How Many Of You Put Diapers On Your Plushies

    Just for a fun topic on diapers and plushies. Who puts a diaper on their plushies? If you do post a pic or link of your buddy here. Here is mine his name is flopsie. ^^ I know this falls under the plushie group but i think its good here...
  15. NikonFilmPhotog

    Study:1 in 4 Grown men travel with a stuffed animal

    Saw this in the news this evening: Bedtime Story: 1-in-4 Grown Men Travel With a Stuffed Animal "Travelodge surveyed 6,000 Britons and discovered that 35 percent of adults admitted they sleep with their teddy because they found cuddling their bear comforting. Additionally, many said the...
  16. shrike

    Hot/Cold pack Plushies

    I went to a dogshow on Saturday, there was a local lady selling plushies with hot/cold gel packs inside of them. I thought that they would be of interest to some of the people here on ADISC looking for new squeezable friends. The site is . I got the large husky -...