1. ShimSham


    I have an eevee plushie and have been wanting to get her some playmates for a very long time any suggestions or preferences? (I also don't have a lot of money, so it would have to be on the cheaper side)
  2. M

    PlushCon Discord Invite

    I threw together a mixed-content discord for Plush-lovers. I hope I can code up a reddit r/videos scraper bot for the reddit-tv channel. Here you go: Hopefully eventually I can ge a movie night going on
  3. Allegro

    Which Stuffed Animal Should I Sleep With?

    I have a sock monkey and a cat. I can't decide which one I should sleep with. What do you think?
  4. hellokitty1512

    Daddy and I made a Build a Bear closet!

    My build a bear closet. Daddy and i hung up all the clothes and fixed the shelves to organize the stuff
  5. kashi

    Baymax Plushie

    Hello! Okay so I figured I'd make a forum letting everyone know that the online Disney Store is now carrying Baymax Plushies again. I don't know how long or even why, but I got one and figured there are bound to be other littles like me who really really wished they could of gotten one when...
  6. Z

    Stuffed Animal Rescue

    Hey everyone! come check out the Stuffed Animal Rescue.. basically like an animal shelter but for plushes. Growing up I was most definately a stuffed animal kid. Now that I'm an adult (on the outside lol) I still adore my plushes. Sadly I know that over time sometimes our friends are lost or...
  7. ShortGuy

    Help naming new plushie

    So I was out doing some last minute christmas shopping today, both for others and for myself. I was looking for a fox plushie. I must have been to five or six different toy stores, no foxes! I was about to give up (I was at Toys´R Us) when this cute guy was waiting for me. (I know, he is a...
  8. shrike

    Hot/Cold pack Plushies

    I went to a dogshow on Saturday, there was a local lady selling plushies with hot/cold gel packs inside of them. I thought that they would be of interest to some of the people here on ADISC looking for new squeezable friends. The site is . I got the large husky -...
  9. anotherpuppy

    Plushies in stores?

    Almost a ridiculous question, but pup's been achin' for a plush, and dunno quite where to look! Hasn't peeked through a Toys'r'Us in a while, but last time he did the only options were Elmo and Spongebob, you know? Same thing at Wal-Mart... Kohls has some promotion with big-for-being-small...